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Service of designing French-style garden villas form BT2135

Tue 17 Mar 2020 08:48

Many people believe that, classic villas must be very large blocks, divided in many blocks, will be dense with decorative details. But over time and with a strong innovation, now the classic two-story villa model is no longer as fussy as before but still retains the most characteristic of this style so even though people are not knowledgeable about architecture but whenever you come across a design you will feel the breath of history present in the building itself.

Height is not a prominent element of this design, but the impression of the building lies in how the architect divides the layout and embellish the house. With a 3-chamber design, with soft punctuation at the body, quite ancient, symmetrical motifs painted everywhere with bold European direction, it feels like living in a splendid palace between contemporary world.


The 16m wide facade is an advantage for the architect to show off a majestic main hall, where the Roman column formula is used, as a pillar supporting the balcony on the 2nd floor above. The details of the surrounding are made very sophisticated, especially the columns and patterns inspired by the Mediterranean and Greek patterns which are cleverly integrated by the architect, dotted throughout the villa, creating a noble design.

That is why this is recognized as a classic design for the classical style, which is becoming a strong thing in the architecture in Vietnam today.

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