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Perforated steel Shader

Sun 26 Apr 2020 17:53


I would like to create other patterns of perforated steel than the one i have on artlantis. Can somebody give me the right steps to create a perforated steel shader for Artlantis with the help of photoshop. What i obtain Up to now : the parts of the shader that should be opaque are translucent. THank you in advance

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Re: Perforated steel Shader

Tue 28 Apr 2020 08:42


You can start from Artlantis shader "Perforated Sheet"
You need to apply this shader on surface in one of your scene.
Activate the Shaders inspector
Select the material with the "Perforated Sheet" shader
Click on the "Edit Shader" icon
Drag&Drop a new Diffuse map and Alpha map with your patterns
The Alpha map is only a black & white map, where the white pixels will be considered transparent.
Save the shader under another name
And use it in your other projects.

Edit Shader Perforated Sheet.png
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